Entrepreneurship is my fav subject for this Open University(OUM) semester. i myself is thinking or rather, am jumping into this bandwagon. The internet is my market, and being a truly international and borderless market, i wanted a piece of it.

Unfortunately, not everyone can just jump into and be an overnight success. Unless i'm in the US, i can just pitch an idea, get it started, look for venture capitalist and sell it to the next venture for bucket load of wealth. Of course the bussiness itself has to be really really have a good prospect for future market trend.

Anyway, the assignment was to make a Bussiness Plan for any chosen, mock up, made up or real actual bussiness. The thing is i have a lot of ideas but i haven't start doing anything yet! Dateline this coming Sunday! Damn it!

Perhaps i have to much ideas that i'm having a Writer's Block in doing the assignment itself. Waaarrrggghh! i'm off to bed now.. i think my head is on fire.. i'll elaborate more tommorow, maybe, not about my head on fire.. god.. but on Entrepreneurship.. haha..