Enjoying My Boring Weekend..Yawn..

To tell you the truth, i think i'm slowly losing the aspect of socializing in life from my daily eemm.. how should i put it? eh life.. in laments terms, i have no life.. yup, you've heard me, i have no damn fucking life! muahaha.. sad but true and funny isn't it?

Okay, let me explain it to you. On weekdays i would:

1. Get up early morning and go to work.
2. Returning from work, usually close to 7pm, i would just stay at home, either:
a) Watch TV
b) Surf the internet
3. Go to bed around midnite.

and the same routine through the year, well of course it would different during the weekends, public holiday and when i'm taking my annual leave. Seriously speaking, i'm fucking tired of it.

So lets move on, this weekend, just like any other weekend, i'm just sitting on my fucking ass surf the internet and watching TV, though there's nothing good on it.

That's it.

Nah.. actually i found a cool video and i want you to check it out.

Okay, now that's just it. Serious. Gotta go to sleep now, tomorrow gotta go to work. barf..