Distractions.. Distractions.. Distractions..

Well hello guys! Who ever you are unlucky enough to stumble upon my blog. Sorry to say there nothing really interesting here, rather than my stupid ramblings about the mundane of my daily life. The fact that i don't have a life should also be a warning to you guys, there REALLY NOTHING HERE.. muahaha...

Okay, since that you are already here, why don't you just stick around and hear me out okay? i'll serve you a cup of capucinno. Just make sure you finished your cup before mine, or i'll wrestle you for it later.. JUST KIDDING..

The thing is, there a lot that i'm suppossed to do this weekend. Seriously, it invloved my studies. Yup, i'm studying, not full time but part-time. i have a job already yet i'm taking it to have an option should i decided that i need a change of career. So anyway, back to the topic.

i REALLY REALLY REALLY should start doing my assignments, two to be exact. Namely, Entrepreneurship for one and Professional Ethics the other.

How's the progress' been?
i've just done the Cover Page and Table of Contents.

WTF?! When does it due? (you might add.)
Uuumm.. Tomorrow.

Good god in heaven! What the hell are you doing all this while?
Uuumm.. slacking around?!...

Yeah.. i know.. i know.. but there's just to many distractions. Let me lists them for you.

1. i woke up late this morning, around 1130am. So i didn't do it in the morning.
2. i watched two movies this afternoon, just to get it over with. If not, i can't focus on my assignments. i watched One Missed Call and Shutter on DVD.
3. i took a nap after watching the movies back to back. Okay, the truth is i over slept. i woke up at 7pm.
4. i took time off again to watch my fav movie The Covenant on HBO.
5. i change the channel to Cinemax and watch Return To The House On Haunted Hill right afterward.
6. i decided to continue my work for a while then suddenly have the urge to watch videos on YouTube.

Well here is the best part of my story. i really really REALLY like this video, and also i really really REALLY envy the guy in the video. Enjoy..

Note To Self: "Find a hot geeky girlfriend like this one"