Another Boring Weekend For Me..

Well, it's just another typical boring weekend for me. Nothing exciting, just me sitting on my ass in front of my laptop, thinking about blogging but not doing it. Then again, there a lot of things that i should do this weekend that i'm planning to do but i didn't. Such as:

1. Doing my OUM assignments, dateline 29/06/08.
2. Finishing up my poetry ebook, dateline August 08.
3. Blogging..

Though i did went to see the Citra Rasa Malaysia on Saturday, but apart from the few specific stalls that sells other states specialty dishes, the other stalls are just the selling the same foods that can be bought during the weekend Pasar Tani. So going there was just a waste of time, i said that because i'm broke. i only had RM30 in my wallet, so i just bought a couple of drinks, Samboi and Lime juice, and satays.

So anyways, i'll post some pictures tomorrow. Maybe, as long as i'm not feeling lazy about it. Another thing, i am currently hooked onto She & Him, an independent band consisting of Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward. i've a couple of their songs for you guys to enjoy.

She & Him : Thought i Saw Your Face Today

She & Him : Sentimental Heart