Lingering Thoughts Of A Fools Hope

What am i thinking of today? Now that's a strange thoughts to ponder, don't cha think? Maybe i'll just resume my thoughts from last night. hhmm.. last night i was just thinking about her. A few questions cross my mind..

i. Why did she rejected me?
ii. Would there be a second chance?
iii. If she accepted me, what or how would that turn out to be?

Then i slept off with that thoughts still lingering in my dreams. Now when i think of those questions again, i began to wonder.. Why am i still obsessing about her? Were my feeling for her genuine? Am i just infatuated with her? Would she and i be good together? Would that work?

Strangely these doubts that i'm having, was probably as a result from the frustration that i'm feeling. i guess i have to admit that i, somehow were upset when she told me she did not see me as a potential Bf.. and probably all of that doubts were the signs of my own weakness, my insecurities, my lack of confidence and that i don't actually know what i really want.

When i saw her today, i just wanna.. freaking hold her tightly, making sure she's mine, completely..

Then again, unfortunately.. that's just a fool's hope..