My LG KU990 Viewty Issues Solved, Some Of It..

i have to say seriously and honestly, i just so fucking love my LG Viewty. Although previously i have some issues with it but it was resolved, and one baffling "problem" that i encountered can be rectified by such a ridiculously simple trick.

Here are some of the issues that bugs me with my Viewty. i might have probably mentioned it in my previous post.

1. LG Viewty won't run as a separate hard drive.
2. Some successful fully encoded video files did not appear in Viewty video playlist.
3. Some mp3s also did not appear in Viewty music playlist despite being working properly in my computer, Nokia 6233 and Palm Zire 72.

For the first issue, it was probably fall towards Windows Vista fault. The reason being that Vista would detect it as a separate drive but when i open up My Computer, it didn't appear at all. So i search the internet for answers. i finally found it when reading the Vista help. The solution is downright simple, i would have to update the Human Interface Devices for Vista, and hey presto! My LG KU990 Viewty appear as a separate drive and transfering files couldn't be any easier.

Second and third issue is just baffling for me, as all of the video and mp3 that are not appear in Viewty video and music playlist works fine my other gadgets and computer. So i tried to reencode the video and mp3 in hope that it'll work with Viewty.

This problem has been bugging me for a month and i got frustrated that some of the videos and mp3s can't be viewed and listened to. i even got to the point of giving up trying to reencode the file when just as baffling as the problem was, the solution was also bafflingly simple.

i think it was probably one of the most serendipitous solution that i've ever encounter. i got it three days ago. One of my mp3 that's not working with Viewty have a long filename, which is " The Fountain Sountrack Clint Mansell Together We Will Live Forever.mp3 " so i decided to shorten it up. Then when i viewed my music playlist, that particular mp3 finally appeared in the music playlist! Eureka!


Yes, LG KU990 Viewty does compatible with Windows Vista, and if somehow your Vista loaded computer does not see it, all you got to do is get the HID update. Just make sure you download the right update, as Vista have a 32 bit and a 64 bit version. Here are the links for you, so that you won't have to look any further.

32 bit : Here
64 bit : Here

If some of your video and mp3 files are not working with Viewty, when that particular files works fine with other devices, try changing their filenames. It works for me.

There you go, my latest tips and tricks for LG KU990 Viewty mobile phone. i hope it'll help.


Anonymous said…
thanks alot for your comments on the mp3s.. helped me alot!