How To Save Battery Life On LG KU990 Viewty

Just a quick and simple tips on how to save battery life on your LG Viewty, before i'm off to bed. It's 1:00 am Malaysian time.

1. Don't use heptic feedback, use sound instead. i myself am using sound as a reference for something have been 'clicked'. i use it at volume 2, no need to be loud so that others will hear. Level 2 should be sufficient.

# Profiles > Customised > Touch Type > Touch Tone
> Touch Tone Volume > Level 2

2. Use the lowest setting of brightness possible. Seriously, and i meant really SERIOUSLY, i actually using 0% of the screen brightness. The fact that i'm working mostly indoors helps a lot. When i'm outdoors, i never ever ever risen the brightness of the screen, as i would forgot to turn it back down. The solution, go into the shade! No brainer right? When you can't see anything under the bright sunlight, go indoors or places under the shade.

# Screen > Brightness > 0%

3. When playing mp3/videos, go into flight mode. So that you Viewty won't be using some precious battery life roaming for signal. Got that?

# Flight Mode > On

4. Make sure you remember to turn off bluetooth when you're finish or not using it. It's strange to me that sometimes people always forget to turn off their bluetooth. Bluetooth will always searching for connection every half minute or so, so turn it off when you're done using it.

# Bluetooth > Turn Off

5. In order to make your battery last longer, make sure when your first initial charge, it's charged completely 8 hours. 2ndly make sure you let the battery run out completely before you charged it again. How to know? When your phone suddenly went dead, try to power it on again, if the phone won't turn that meant it is completely flat. Here the thing, charged it that way, with the phone turn off. Which take us to the 3rd tips, don't charged your phone when it's turn on. The phone will always be using the power to look for signal, meaning the phone is not completely recharging. If you're concern that your alarm won't work, yes it does, even if you turn your phone off.

6. Put the auto key lock as fast as possible, so that the phone would turn off it's screen faster.

# Phone Settings > Security > Auto Key Lock > After 10 Seconds

7. This one is already built into LG Viewty. Turn the Power Save on.

# Phone Settings > Power Save > On

Okay, that is my simple tips and tricks of saving you LG Viewty battery life. Good Night!