Confession of Idiot: Missed One of My OUM Final Exam Paper..

This post is a special dedication for an idiot. That idiot is me! What happens when you turned the number 6?

It'll be the number 9 isn't it? Now, that's where my stupid story begins. OUM a.k.a Open University final exam week will be starting from the month of April.

My first paper will be on the 6th of April. Here is where my strange and out of this world predicament occur. i swear in the name of God that i have seriously and confidently look at my final exam schedule properly. i was so conviced and so sure that the date of my first paper will be on the 9th of April. i fucking seriously do!

So in that respect, i had applied for annual leave in order to sit for my exam. i have to use my annual leave because my study course is not in line/work related so i was not entitled to apply for a study/exam leave.

So anyway, yesterday when i went to sit for my exam, i was puzzled to see that my name was not on the list of that day. i quickly felt cold sweat suddenly coming, and my heart began to pound slightly faster.

i went down just to check if my name listed wrongly in the Education's Department for teacher's final, but again my name was not listed.

So i reached into my bag and took out my finals schedule, WTF!! the only words that i can think of, during that moment in time. i was truely and surely fucked. i have missed my FIRST paper. That paper was on the 6th not on the 9th! Holy Shit Mother Fucker!

For the first time in my life i have missed my final exam..damn shit!

A number of questions crossed my mind time and time again when i think of this:

1. How in the fucking hell that i would mistaken 6th of April for the 9th of April?
2. How in the fucking hell that even when i triple checked my schedule, i still see 9th of April the date of my exam?
3. How in the fucking hell that all this predicament came to be?
4. How in the fucking hell am i still dateless?
5. How in the fucking hell am i not getting any richer?
6. How in the fucking hell am i going to do with this matter?

Oh seems that i have to re-sit/re-taken this subject again for the coming semester..Fuck!


Kim said…
wow. that sucks, man. you guys aren't given supplementary exams?
ruki kenishiro said…
actually i can request for a change of date, but it must come with proper reason such as marriage, sick leave, work related or child birth, so after much consideration, i think i'll just retake that paper.. although i have to pay it again but i have much more preparation for it.. hopefully the banana tree won't fruit twice..kah3x..