And My Thoughts Of Her..

i can't say how much my head is in mess right now. i somehow need to stop for a while and sort things out. Although the reality is, my life is not that of a mess one might imagine. The thing is i'm just too comfortable with what i'm currently have. i'm in this comfort zone, safe lane or just too damn normal, or what-ever-the-fuck you want to call it.

Since Monday, i'm on my annual leave for my OUM final exam, which was last Monday and today. However, since yesterday post's, i just can't shake off that feeling of she might already has found someone new and what i did all this while was pointless.

If somehow my gut feelings are correct then i am totally gonna quit my job and be a freaking seer instead. Hah!

Dang..i just can't get her off my mind..haha.. i'm waiting for my head to explode now, out of stupidity and sheer loneliness. Couldn't i find somebody else rather than a friend? It seems that i'm just that desperate unfortunately. Dang! Dang!

i'll probably should stop "harassing" her for now on, leave her alone. Perhaps if the universe would align for me, she would be the one that might come looking for me..haha.. in my wildest dream.. Dang! Again, she strayed into my thoughts..

Okay..okay.. i should stop this now! Now! haha.. It seems that this won't be the last post that i'll be mentioning her, she who i shall not named..Hillarious..