Open University OUM : Distance Learning : Studying Last Minute

i am now seriously have got to change my attitude towards my studies. i am attending an distance learning mode of higher learning education. A mode for working adults who can't afford to abandon their career for a fulltime study method. i enrolled with OUM since 2006, in which during from that time until now i have put my study on hold for 3 semesters due to financial difficulties. i can't afford paying for my studies.. sigh..

Though it is very fortunate that OUM allow their students to put their study on hold in case of several reasons such as financial, work commitment and others. The matter of fact that i only resume my study since September's semester of 2007 after 3 semesters (1 year) on hold, proves that OUM provides its students the flexibility of chosing their time to study.

Although i personally do not recommed putting your study on hold for a long time, in which the perfect case of example would be yours truly. It seems that since the start of this January 2008 semester, i have lost my eagerness, my inspirations, and motivations to study properly.

i can say that this was due to:

1. A special friend who enrolled with me the previous semester have put her study on hold. So i have no friend to go with.
2. Being currently taking a diploma where most of other students is taking a degree in Miri campus meant that i would put in a class either with only one other student or one on one with a tutor have put me off my moods to study. i prefer to sudy with a group of people.
3. After a year of not studying when putting my study on hold, i am feeling so lazy.
4. Lost of motivation due to personal problems, lost of confidence..

So, tomorrow (Saturday 15/03/08) i'll be having my midterm examination for all my three subjects and i have not study anything! Oh god..

Here lies my dilemma, my problem.. Is it possible to cramp four chapters/topics of all the three subjects into my head for the examination? i fucking highly doubt it... Worst of all i have a Math subject to prepare for, and again i have not done any exercise to sharpen my Math problem solving skill. Not to mention Math is my LEAST favourite and WEAKEST subject since like ever!! Oh dear lord..

Could studying last minutes helps? Nah.. i dont think so..

Perhaps i'll just invent my answers for the exam..haha