Malaysia's General Elections Is Over : Singing Karaoke : Singing In A Band

It has been a major news today. Every paper that i read, have it on the front page, Barisan National have been denied a 2/3 majority. What the hell does that meant? i don't have a fucking clue..haha..

All i know now is the goverment would be in the mix now, and it'll be more open.. kind of.. i actually haven't the exact clue. i didn't vote remember? But my prediction of something "nasty" might happen did happen though. Those stupid Fucks that perhaps not even a registered voters seized peoples I.D and causing "havoc" by throwing sticks and stones at some buses.

Come on, if so you guys want to cause a riot, burn those buses man, don't care if there's people or not in it. Better still rather than doing that, get registered and chose your representative. That IS the right thing to do. You guys wanted to grab hold of Terengganu right? Do it like Kelantan did, no riot just voting.. Stupid motherfuckers.. haha.. Now that the elections is over, it is time to deliver the promises..

Anyway, the only person that went to vote is my dad.. He went balik kampung to vote, i was still sleeping though after returning late the night before from karaoking till 1am.. hahaha! Seriously i hurt my vocal cord, I NEVER DID THAT EVER, and it was MY FIRSTIME.

Though one thing that i never realised, i somehow knew and able to remember the tunes of some of the Malay songs that i sang. The thing is, i never sang a Malay song before, and never like most them. As most of them are the "tangkap leleh" aka overly sad overly emo overly mushy sounding music.

However i sang some of that song good, not really good like i could enter Akademi Fantasia, but good that i didn't murder the song.. i did murder some of the song close at the end though, due to throat hurts and i did it intentionally.

And by the look of it, this could be one of our night leisure activities, once a month would be nice. That could be my practice for singing in my own band. Aaahh.. Been thinking about that for a long time. Now that technology have been really great, i don't actually need a real band to be in a band. All i need is a computer, proper music equipment and some creativity. The fact that local band like Hujan can make it, why can't i right? Haha.. such a childish dream..