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Malaysia's General Election is coming up around the corner, a sharp corner that is. By that i meant it's this Saturday. It's hadn't been as fiery as the last two in my opinion. In fact, the way that i see it, it seems that there's no sense of urgency to vote in the mind of the people. i don't even see massive campaign as it use too.

Ahh.. just miss those riot days, where stupid people, by that i meant the pembangkang supporters, and by that i meant pembangkang supporters who might not even registered voters, causing riots in the streets of KL, smashing things up, "terrorising"..pff the streets of KL, massive demonstrations.. what did they get off it? no FUCKING advantages what so FUCKING ever..

If you people want to make a real mess/riot, why don't you really do it, by that i meant, really really Fuck things up, burn the streets, really burn the streets, loot the business premises, like really really fuckingly loot the business, hurt the innocents bystanders/onlookers/people who just being there at the wrong time.. now that's really spice things up sky high..

But wait, we're Malaysian are not like that right? No we're not, we're cowards, we prefer to speak rather than do.. If the opposition parties really really fuckingly want to win the election, you guys should by all means, rally the unregistered eligible voter to register and convince them to choose their party and their cause.

Why? Because the unregistered eligible voter like ME, just don't give A FUCKING DAMN!! Are you hearing me? I JUST DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT IT!! Even my mom and dad are no longer seems eager and interested to vote anymore.. because the current representative are doing a great job already. Unless there's a sense of urgency to change and better the current situation generated the the opposing party, but nah..pff.. just some STALE issues.. just a bunch of crap..

i even got sick of the one sided campaign on the TV, Newspaper, Radio.. i got lots of other important things to do than vote.. like finishing my assigments, update my blog, thinking of ways to kill myself.. that sort of stuffs..

Fortunately, i've found the best candidate that i would give my vote to, IF i were to vote..

Taken with my Viewty

Hahahahaha! Damn Fucking funny! In English: Vote For Beef Burger.

Hhhmm..i wonder if Big Mac is a contender also..haha..

Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Damn Ass Off..