Lost Of Motivation: Buy LG Viewty, Cause Nokia N82 is Fugly: LG Viewty Durability: Crappy Job

It's been a LONG time since i've blog, or BLOGGEd for that matter. NO, i've not been busy.. NO, i'm not sick.. NO, i'm not dead, though in somewhat ways i wish i were..

Actually, i've been so... hermm.. can't think of a suitable word to describe my feelings.. the matter of facts, i can't seem to properly feel anything?! Does that makes sense to you? Well to me it does, perhaps numb is the closest word i can think of that should probably explain what i'm experiencing right now.

i've been unenthusiastic towards life. i felt there's nothing to look forward to, thus in consequence, my 'lack of actions' have affected my studies, my health and my motivation. How?

My Studies: Assignment due in two weeks time, i haven't started anything yet. Mid term finals also within a fortnight, and i haven't read anything yet.

My Health: Been eating junk food, A FUCKING LOT. Sleeping late at night usually around 1 to 2 am. Not watching what i eat, usually deep fried, less to none of any kind of green, LOTs of KFC, Sugarbun and of course my fav, McDonalds BIG MAC.

My Motivation: No enthusiasm/interest to change my ways, i've been really really really lazy, uninspired and at a time really FED UP with life itself.. Sometimes wishing probably it would turn out better if i were dead.. Oh well..


For those who are reading this blog and couldn't figure out whether to go get LG KU990 Viewty or Nokia N82.

i know why that conflicting enigma is bothering you, because:

1. You are like me, not having enough money in our pockets to buy a Mighty Fine DAMN FUCKING iPhone. Which is just like i said A Mighty Fine DAMN FUCKING phone.

Oh wait.. i guess that is just the answer, so how to solve such a puzzling question? Are Fucking kidding me?

Go get LG Viewty! Nokia N82 is GOD FUGLY!

1. Looks hot
2. Uber sexy
3. Feels great
4. Can render the world into Slow-Mo
5. Chic magnet (for a chic-less guy like me, i need all the help i can get, unfortunately not working for me at the moment..sigh..)


LG KU990 Viewty Durability?

is it tough enough phone to handle daily abuse? My answer is FUCK YES! Reason: To date, i have dropped it close to 10 times already.. and all system are still working perfectly, just don't do anything stupid like throwing your phone to the grounds/walls when you're showing out your mindless anger..That would just be plain stupid..


So what's in store for the coming months..

i should blog more so that i can get more traffic, in hope that i get more earning from ads though which i am currently not.. i do hope that in the near future i can earn a living from blogging, like i did in my dream and leave my crappy job and be free..haha..