In The Zone : Astral Projection : Crappy Day

When at work today, i have this syndrome/symptoms/sensations or whatever the fuck you want to call it, where by i felt my senses heightened, i felt like i'm looking at myself doing my work from a third person view.. Have you guys ever felt that way before?

i felt it kind of like the next level of consentration, where i did my work smoothly in a strange and supernatural kind of way. It's like i didn't have to think what i was going to do next but my body and my mind seems to be at one and did it instantly.. i felt like i was in this zone where i'm working easily, not minding the distraction around me.

This personal experience did not last long though, just maybe around 5 minutes or so where by then i was back to my quirky self.. sigh.. i even did some stupid mistakes that would probably jeopardised my work in the long run. When i did some of that mistakes i would just cursed to myself.. "Goddamn WTF?!" As some of you might know, that some mistakes even if it is a genuine ones and not deliberately, can go into one's permanent record, which is depends on the company/organization/business/service/department you're working with.

Well, that type of experience thingy can be a double-edge-sword, in one way it helps you fully immersed/consentrate into whatever it is that you're currently doing, but then again, once you're snapped out of the "zone", you would found yourself suddently and unfortunately LOST, not knowing what it was that you're supposed/should do.

i really hated it when that happened, where in the minute or so, i would be in the situation where i'm at lost not remembering what my goal/task was, and i would be wasting "precious" customer's/people's time. What am i supposed to do then? Should i blindly continue? Normally i would just stop, take a couple of deep breath or so and clear my head before proceeding.

My working day was going great/supposed to be until the end of day where i was supposed to clear up where my mistakes showed its God Fugly face, damn it! Oh well, just another crappy day i guessed...