Choosing 5 Mega Pixels Mobile Phones: LG KU990 Viewty, Nokia N82, Nokia N95 8GB, Samsung G600 & Sony Ericsson K850i

This post is just from my point of view after reading other reviews of the refered mobile phones from numerous websites. Bear in mind that i have only LG KU990 Viewty that i owned that i can give fair review, Nokia N82 and Nokia N95 8GB i've just tested it from a short amount of time from a friend. i have no idea what Sony Ericsson K850i and Samsung G600 capable of, other than something i imagined after reading those reviews.

This is a simple list, that i compiled for those who have the money and not willing to do some research before buying.

So here goes:

1. The best mobile phone for budget 5 megapixel phone: Samsung G600

2. The best mobile phone for rich-user-experience-almost-digital-camera-like-handling 5 megapixel phone: Sony Ericsson K850i

3. The best mobile phone substitute for a camcorder 5 megapixel phone, of course hands down: LG KU990 Viewty, reason, Divx compression video, meaning more quality output and 120fps slow motion shooting mode.

4. The best mobile phone with huge storage space to hold videos and pictures 5 megapixel phone: Nokia N95 8GB.

5. The best mobile phone with best camera performance and quality xenon flash for a 5 megapixel phone: Nokia N82.

However, i am going to be biased now, buy the LG KU990 Viewty now!

1. You can use it as a camcorder replacement, easy to fit it in you pocket.
2. You can use the slow motion 120fps shooting mode for whatever reason, just make sure to provide adequate lighting for it. Useful to record: Parkour stunt, Hong Kong Style Slow Mo Fight scene & what ever, be creative!
3. Good enough camera, good enough to print and share.
4. Large screen, very good to watch movie with, didn't i mention you can encode and play full blown movie with it.
5. Sexy looking phone, great conversation opener to pick up chicks. Though did not work well with me, as after they look at my face, they lost their interest all together.
6. Feature packed, Google package inside: Blogger, Youtube, Gmail & Google Maps, documents view, FM radio, video player...lots more.

Video Sample From LG KU990 Viewty