Chinese New Year Holiday: Playing Video Games: Resident Evil 4: Logitech Precision

It's Chinese New Year yesterday, and it's two days of public holiday..Yeayyya! Didn't go out yesterday, busy playing Counter-Strike, and Resident Evil 4. Yup i know it's an old game but i like 'em.

i've been playing Resident Evil 4 since 2pm Friday until now 12.30am Saturday, where i decided that i have enough for the day. i've been getting this a lot..

Even though i'm playing the Easy Mode, i still find it quite tough. Actually i'm playing Resident Evil 4 the PC version and i'm using Logitech Precision Gamepad as a controller. One thing i'm missing from using the Playstation controller is the Rumble feature and the ever useful analog stick.

Moi (French for my..duh?!) Logitech Gamepad.

One thing that the analog stick is useful for is when your using the sniper rifle. When using the sniper rifle, the right analog stick will be use for zooming through the sniper scope. Which is where my gamepad fell short of the advantage, i can scope through but i can't zoom in closer for the one shot kill. Usually i would waste a bullet or two finish off the zombies..aka ganados in this version of Resident Evil .

The sniper rifle is very useful to kill zombies from afar, as when your're progressing through the game their strengh and numbers are larger and greater, so killing them from a distance is a very much useful tactic and a great advantage.

Unfortunately living in Miri means that not all the latest gaming peripherals are available. i've been scouring throught out the town looking for an XBOX 360 controller, but to no avail. i've seen one last year at Boulevard Computer but at that time i was out of budget so that was pointless.

It was last month that i finally found and bought the Logitech Precision at Miri IT World.. i think that's the store's name, can't find where i kept the receipt. Usually i would keep the receipt if any thing that i bought have a waranty..sigh.. luckily the Logitech Precision gamepad is plug and play, though in my case i have to update my Human Input/Ouput Devices from Microsoft Vista page before i can use it.

i do hope that, that store would order any or all of this models, so that i can get one and can fully experience my survival horror gaming with Resident Evil 4.

Dual Action Gamepad: dual analog sticks, nice!
Rumblepad 2: dual analog sticks + rumble features, really nice!
Chillstream: dual analog sticks + rumble features + fan cooler + XBox 360 design, super nice!
Cordless Rumblepad 2: dual analog sticks + rumble features + 10 programmable buttons + sleek black design, Over The Top Nice!

i think this is for now, getting really really sleepy..gud nite..or rather.. gud morning..