Windows Vista Home Basic Incompatibility Issues

Yeah, i know, somehow you'd see this coming by just reading the title. Initially i was impressed with Vista visual presentation. The look and the feel of it is much more satisfiying and an eye-candy than Win XP. Of course Mac OS is so much cooler, though so much expensive. i was thinking of getting myself a MacBook Pro, but after seeing the price, i guess i better save for downpayment of a new car.

So, after using Vista for quite sometime now, i found several issues that bugs me and mostly are because of the compatibility side of it. Here are some of the issues that can sometimes really really frustrated me and wanna make me feel like pulling my hairs out, well.. not really but you get the point.

1. Older Version of Thumb Drive:
Strangely as recently as last two years of production model refuse to work, Vista would see it, recognize it by name/brand but fuckingly refuse to run it.

2. Mobile Phone in Mass Storage Mode:
My short-own Sony Ericsson S500 and my lastest LG KU990 Viewty has a mass storage mode in which i can use it as an external drive, and strangely again, Vista would see it, recognize it by name & brand, but fuckgoddamnmit won't run it!! Vista would search for the drivers in the harddisk and then search online after it couldn't find the drivers in the harddisk but then won't run it?! What the hell, if it know the thing by name and brand, why can it just fucking run it? Stupid! Stupid!

3. Canon Selphy :Portable Printer:
My Canon portable printer won't run even after i installed the drivers. Problems are the same as the two above. Sees it, recognize it but won't run!!

4. HP 3 in 1 Multifunction F380 Printer:
This used to work before, i can print, scan, copy with my Vista loaded laptop. Unfortunately somehow, i have no idea why, since last two months, Vista won't run this printer! Sees it, recognize it but won't run it!! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

5. Some Games Won't Even Install:
Our family Win XP loaded desktop family computer doesn't have any problem with installing any games, unfortunately some of recent games i've bought i can't play it on my Vista loaded laptop.
The games are: 1. Heroes 5
2. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Walfare

6. Copying Files Take A LONG Time:
i have highlighted this problem in my previous post. Seriously how come copying 1.5gb can take 44526 days and 18 hours of time remaining? This is a basic file operation, it shouldn't be any problem for a such latest operating system.

i do hope when the Service Pack 1 for Vista comes out sometime Jun/July would resolve this silly yet should've been avoidable compatibility issues to rest. i hate to resort back to Win XP.