Using LG KU990 Viewty Auto Focus

i guess if you're already familiar with digital camera that have auto focus feature, you'd probably knows how to handle the Viewty auto focus features. Though, for those who don't here are my tips and tricks of using Viewty auto focus.

The Wrong Way

The wrong way of using the auto focus of a camera phone or digital camera alike, is by pressing the snap button all the way until the picture is taken. The picture might be out of focus, blurry or maybe shacky.

So, just remember Viewty camera have a lot of features to help you out in that department and plus other issues. Here are some of my solution thru my observations, tries and experiments using the camera features.

Viewty Features
1. ISO 800: useful in lowlight condition, even outmatch some digital camera.
2. Image Stabilizer: useful for those who has shacky hands.
3. Manual Focus: i'd seldom use this one, for those who like to experiment and get creative.
4. Strobe Flash: i found that the flash only reach as far as 1 /1.5 meter or so.
5. Macro Shots: to get the finer details in close up shots.

The Right Way
The easiest way to use the Auto Focus is to press the shutter button slightly at first, let go and let the camera focus on the target, just make sure you view the screen and make sure the subject is in the centre.

If you're not satisfied with the look of the picture, you press the shutter button slightly again and if the picture looks okay, then you'd just press it down all the way. i myself use the auto focus all the time, and rarely turn the manual focus on as i found, and in my opinion, the auto focus is doing just fine.

The Experiment
Another to experiment with the auto focus is by focusing a little bit to the side of the intended target, and you'll get this kind of like balance focus between the target and the background.

You could also let the camera focus on the target and before the camera snaps the picture, you pull out or close in slightly by moving the camera.

So, in my opinion, the best camera to have is not the best quality camera or the newest and latest fully featured camera but get this: The One You Have With You All The Time, because some moments are just too priceless to left out, just capture it. Viewty have that edge, compact, easy to bring out anywhere and of course a joy to use. Get creative with your Viewty okay..