Updating Nokia 6233 Phone Software

Have any of you out there using Nokia 6233? If you do, there's a phone software update for it. It's an update from version 3.91 something, to version 4.70 something..

What you'll need:

1. Nokia 6233.. well duh?!
2. USB data cable, you can use the bluetooth connection but that'll suck your battery life, as you'll need the phone to be in full charge during the updating process. If you don't have one, borrow from someone who have.
3. Nokia PC Suite installed.

Here's the step: (There is an easy instruction provided during this whole process, so no need to worry)

1. Make sure your Nokia 6233 is fully charged.
2. Connect using data cable to your PC.
3. Open Nokia PC Suite.
4. Click on the Phone software update.
5. Nokia PC Suite will open up a website for the download, just click on the download.
6. Install the Nokia Software Updater.
7. Run it after the installation finish.

What i've noticed:

1. My phone seems to load/run faster.
2. There an added feature in the Music Player: Play Audio Via Bluetooth. i have no stereo headset so i can't test this feature but still an awesome feature.
3. Camera startup faster, no lag, take picture faster too, no lag!
4. Video also plays "faster", not like Charlie Chaplin movies but loads faster and smoother.
5. Cooler looking buttons/icons.
6. The sound coming from the stereo speakers also sounded, in a sense better. Somewhat a boost in the bass department, more than previous. You can hear it more using the headset.