The REALLY REALLY TERRIFYING STUFF: Woman Being Stab Repeatedly Caught On Camera

i found this video by accident actually. Apparently the woman in that video was pinned down by a man and repeatedly stab with a pocket knife. There are several men trying to kick that man trying to stop him. Though their attempted at saving her is not quite good enough.

This incident happened in BROAD DAYLIGHT, in PUBLIC STREET!!

The thing that bugs me the most is the person who recorded the incident somehow didn't have the initiative to call the police while filming it. Second, why are the men merely soft kick at that fucking stabbing man? Grab a steel bar and whack him good, or grab a brick or a stone and just throws it at him, at least it'll disorriented him and stop him for a while. He's only using a pocket knife not a fucking machete.

You can see the video here and here.