The Prove Of LG KU990 Viewty Durability

The first thing that went into my mind when i bought my Viewty was, is it robust to withstand my daily abuse? It's not that i would use it like carelessly or something, but my first impression of Viewty was that it looked fragile.

Seriously, Viewty seems like a toy. An EXPENSIVE toy..haha.. i was afraid that i might dropped it early on and broke it. If that happens, i thought, there goes my RM2000/600USD investment in a lastest phone.

FORTUNATELY, this incident happened yesterday (Friday) early morning, around 12.30am to convince me that Viewty have the nessesary toughness built into it to withstand the daily abuse(usage).

i was getting ready to go to bed after shutting down my laptop, i gathered my gadgets, namely my Palm Zire 72, Nokia 6233 and Viewty. i placed Viewty sandwich between Zire and Nokia, and as i got up and walked towards the bedroom, somehow Viewty slipped from my grasp!

My Precious Viewty slipped from my grasp and fell from about 1 meter in height onto the tiled floor! i remembered very vividly the sudden cold shiver that ran though my body as i saw and heard the sound of Viewty crashing onto the floor. Viewty bounced a few times before stopping.

i quickly took it up and checked whether it has broken or not. i checked and tried the camera function, video, telephone and all the shebang.. and i can proudly and also a big relieved and in confidence, Viewty took that fall like a tough champion. Nothing seems to be broken, i also shoke it close to my ear to hear if there's any lose parts coming off.

Nothing..there's nothing broken, all the functionality works fine. Here i would like to thank LG Electronics for making Viewty tough to withstand that drop. Thank god! i promise to be more careful next time around.

So there you are folks, if some of you afraid that your Viewty looked fragile but i can assured you Viewty is tougher that you think. Just don't delibrately drops it, i am not going to be liable and responsible for any of your action.


Kim said…
now for the three story drop test!
ruki kenishiro said…
waaaahh!! ure utterly crazy! haha..