Problems.. Problems.. Problems..

The reason that i've not been blogging is that our neighbourhood phone line have been cut off and stolen again, for the third time. i encounter the problem while i was surfing the net midnight Wednesday, literally 12am. i thought at first it was Streamyx doing it strange lost of connection again, but when i went to check by picking up the telephone and i knew that some motherfuckers have stolen the telephone line again.

Stealing copper wire by cutting off the telephone line is one way of getting a quick buck nowadays. It is one of many problems that Telekom have to handle and it is a major one. Telekom does lose a lot on money by replacing and repairing such problem, where such amount of money could be put into use such as IMPROVING Streamyx .

Streamyx is a slow broadband in compare with it's high price. Still i wonder why the Telekom maintaince took three days to repair the problem.

Now that i'm online again, i forgot what i was supposed to blog about..haha.. i should write something down once i have some idea/inspiration comes into my head.