New Year Resolution

i am not good at keeping resolution, just look at what happened last year. i didn't do any of it, and the worst thing i can't even remember some of it. Perhaps i should keep my list properly this time around.

So, from now on, i should do ONLY these TWO things in order to achieve AT LEAST one of my resolutions this year.

1. Keep a list of this year resolution close to me, ie: wallet (perhaps not that close), and also a copy in a safe and dry place (just for reference, in case i lost the original).

2. Make and keep a personal achievement score card; albeit daily/weekly/monthly personal achievement. Treat myself something nice if i manage to ahieve any one of it.


For 1: This will be my major resolution, a big task to achieve, so careful planning and lot of hardwork to be done. If i ever manage to achieve it, then it'll be my personal greatness.

For 2: This will be my short and mid term resolution, where tasks in which i would probably can/should do if not daily maybe few times. A score card, in my personal opinion, will help me keep track and of course encourage and motivate me along the way.

Major Resolution (Finggaz Crossed):

1. Complete any of my halfway thru books, and get it published within this year. It has been three years since i wanted to do it but i didn't, preferabably: my poetry book, Journey Into Oblivion.

2. Achieve at least 100USD per month thru Ads, hmm.. this is gonna be really really hard. Which meant i should blog more often, and be a lot more creative and interesting, which i am not. Also i have do a lot move experiment with the placing of my ads, learning to use SEO.. or what ever the fuck the terms is.

i'm keeping the major resolutions to only two, i had maybe 5 last year, if i'm not mistaken. 5 major resolutions is too much, so this year i'm only be focusing on two.

Short/Mid Term Resoutions:

1. Blog more often, well duh?!
2. Prepare/do the artwork for Journey Into Oblivion.
3. Write at least a paragraph a week for any of the halfway thru books/novels.
4. Get in shape, futsal tournament is just around the corner.
5. Save some money.
6. Read more books.
7. Watch less TV.
8. Get enough sleep.
9... well i can't go on, its just too many. Well i guess you get the picture. i'll keep this in my score card. Perhaps after i designed the score card, i'll upload it here.


Aishah Saadi said…
hey there bro..
i just realise ur comment in my u know la mr andy..nang kecik ini dunia ho..hahak..may i link ur blog into mine..??:)