The New Proton Saga BLM

i guess most have seen it by now. i have to say that i am falling in love with the new Saga. i'll probably buy it for my special birthday this year, and the fact that my birthday this year will be the magic number, where it only happens once a millenium, *hint *08/08/08* hint*, so getting and owning that car would be just the perfect present for me. Woohoo!!

Also the fact that it has my fav colour, BLUE, makes it number one in my wishlist this year. Actually the original top 5 car that i wanted to buy are:

  1. Perodua Myvi
  2. Inokom/Hyundai Getz
  3. Proton Gen 2
  4. Naza Suria
  5. Perodua Viva

Now, its:

  1. Proton Saga BLM, Mountain Blue, Medium Line Auto
  2. Perodua Myvi Special Edition
  3. Inokom/Hyundai Getz Sports Edition, Blue (i think they have one, if not, i'll just respray it)
  4. Proton Gen 2, Blue
  5. Naza Suria

Though, there's a thing with Proton cars that i'm sure most knows. Buying one is like buying a lottery. You'll probably a flawless car right out the factory or just the opposite, a FUCKING WORST NEW car right out the factory. i blame this due to Quality Control negligence, stress of trying to achieve target, poor assembly, and whole lot that i can say but i won't. i do hope that Proton do their best of giving the Malaysian people the quality car that they deserve rather than only giving the quality car for imports.

Entry Line (Manual): RM31,500
Base Line (Manual): RM34,998
Base Line (Automatic): RM37,998
Medium Line (Manual): RM37,498
Medium Line (Automatic): RM39,998

Seriously i have say that the lauching of this new model, have got the people really exited just by observing the size of the crowds gathering in various Proton dealer's showrooms.

Here are some pictures i took with my LG KU990 Viewty, and oh.. a really short video too..

Here are the link that i think you should read from Malaysian Motor Trader and Paul Tan, there's an official webpage from Proton Edar but it's kind of sucky, a lot of links doesn't work.