My Week In Review: Newcastle United, Kevin Keegan, Heath Ledger, & Jerry O'Connell Parody Video

There's no really a good reason that i didn't blog for the whole week, or rather there's so more much i wanted to blog about but i couldn't make my mind which one i wanted to blog. Perhaps i'd just run through it for you guys.

Most of it is yesterday's news.

1. Football: Newcastle United

Finally the Newcastle United owner, Mike Ashley decided to sack Sam Alladyce. i would say, about the bloody time, but i was hoping he would appoint Sir Bobby Robson, as i think that Sir Bobby Robson is a very good manager. Though to my disappoint he prefer Kevin "King Kev" Keegan. Although he's not a bad manager, but in terms of winning record, Sir Bobby is a lot more sucessful. i know Mike wanted to win back the fans support by going for the fans fav King Kev, and also probably he's nostalgic but nevertheless i do like King Kev approach of attack minded play with lots of flair and entertaiment. Though i think, Sir Bobby Robson's approach is a lot more refine and stable, the same attack minded play with flair and entertaiment but with the added stability in defence. The MAJOR thing that Newcastle REALLY REALLY need!

2. Rest In Peace: Heath Ledger

The major shock in Hollywood, as one of the brightest and talented actor died in his primetime. There's a lot of speculation in terms of the cause of his death but none have yet been confirmed.
i particularly loves his performance in A Knight's Tale, also one of my fav movie. i have no idea why i felt sad in hearing his death on the news, perhaps sadden to hear the manner of his death. The Dark Knight this year would probably one of his greatest achievement if the movie do well or better than the first Batman movie, Batman Begins. If his perfomance as The Joker is as good as everyone expected, i wonder if ever anyone can fill in the role again. Rest In Peace Heath Ledger.

3. A Parody Of Tom Cruise's Leaked Scientology Interview By Jerry O'Connell

If any of you guys have yet to see the original video of the interview with Tom Cruise, i suggest that you guys checked that out first before watching this one. But, here's the big but, watching this video without watching the original one makes NO ABSOLUTE DIFFERENCE, as Jerry O'Connell parody of the original is spot on, classic Tom Cruise. Much like what Ben Stiller did all this time, by impersonating the big man himself. This is a really hillarious video.