i Was Supposed To..

It's a public holiday today for Malaysia. i have planned my day the night before. i was thinking of doing something about some space in my room. i was thinking of probably clearing out my small table in the room so that i can use it to put my laptop on and use it as a work table.

Unfortunately there's this mindset or something that would always trigger on whenever that day either weekends or holiday, which is i Would Always Wake Up Late/If i Somehow Woke Up Early, i Would Go Back To Sleep And Woke Back Up Late.

This is one of many bad habits that i should try to curb. Actually i had my Viewty to wake me up thru the alarm, i have set it to go off at 630am during weekdays. Today, i did woke up early, just before the alarm goes off, but i turn it off and got back to sleep.

When i finally awaken again, i felt really lazy and when i looked at my watch, fuck it's 130pm! No wonder my body felt rigid and lazy, being oversleep. All the plan i had last night, i had to postpone it to the weekend. Sigh..