Deleting One Year Old Messages From My Nokia 6233

Finally i decided to delete the messages that i kept for the whole year of 2007, from my Nokia 6233 inbox. i have no good reason for why i like to keep my SMSes. Though the most suited reason would be that, i like to from time to time, go back down the inbox and read back the messages that i have sent and got.

I did copied it all into my computer using Nokia PC Suite before i deleted it though. Again, i have no idea why i'm doing it, maybe..and just maybe because i'm just feeling a bit nostalgic.

Unfortunately, i wonder if i ever again to be able to fill up the inbox with such amount of messages since that i'm using LG KU990 Viewty as my main phone. Yet, the downside of Viewty is, i can't store as much SMSes as i've done with Nokia 6233. That max SMS cap limit is just pointless for a phone with 100mb of internal memory.

Delete or not to delete..
Clearing "Inbox"
Clearing "Sent"