What's Up Since Last Post.. 3: Gaming & Computer Games

Last Sunday, after reading Kimberly's responce to my comment on her blog about gaming, i've realised that i've not been such a gamer since probably last two years. The reason, my previous old computer was not fully capable to play the lastest if not just past two years old games.

It was only mid this year that i only just started to install games on my laptop. With Intel Dual Core, 1gb RAM and 100gb of hard drive, that i finally can enjoy playing recent games. So last Sunday i bought 5 new games. Which are:

1. Starcraft: Millenium Edition, this is a classic game that i just can't get enough of, well maybe until Starcraft 2 come out next year.

2. Silent 4: The Room, a survival horror game, i've installed it but have yet to fully play it, should've bought Resident Evil 4 instead.

3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, AWESOME! Fantastic graphic, breathtaking gameplay and fully immersive sound effect, i hooked it to the home theater sound system and it was INCREDIBLE!

4. Age of Empires 3, with The Asian Dynasties & The War Chiefs expansions, simply worth playing, graphic is awesome, sound effect is just great and great gameplay.

5. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, i couldn't install this one yet, same thing happened when i tried to install Heroes 5. i think it's the compatibility with Vista, i don't know. i'll try to install it again and get back to this one, as my brother sucessfully install it on the home XP desktop.

i don't know, i'll probably slowly going back into my hardcore gamer ways of my college days. i certainly hope not. i've been thinking that maybe i should add another 1gb of RAM for my laptop since now that i'm playing games again. For my slow transition back into hardcore gamer, i fully give this blame towards my friend Cassady for encouraging me to get back into games specifically Starcraft and Kimberly for giving that just enough nudge for me to buy games.. haha..


ruki kenishiro said…
haha..no lah, actually i myself wanted to buy those games but you just give me that slight encouragement.. hehe..