Unboxing Malaysia Edition of LG KU990 Viewty

First thing first, i thought that LG Viewty will only be coming to Miri next year. Fortunately, and i mean really really fortunate, i found that it finally arrived at TT Art Photo Sdn Bhd in Boulevard Hypermarket last Friday.

This is where my actions that i not proud of doing, i saw it when i was going out for lunch. i was like, "God, i got have that thing..". So i did what i'm not supposed to do late in this year. i withdrawed the savings that i saved in my ASB. i just couldn't wait for my bonus this coming Wednesday. i said to myself on that day, i got to have it like now. When to the shop after work and bought it, and the fact that i bought it in the promotion period i got a portable Canon Selphy CP740 printer for.. wait for it.. wait.. wait.. FREE! Gosh, that compact portable printer price around RM600++ here.

So here's the photos for your viewing.

This is the advertisement in the newspaper that got me excited.

The LGKU990 Viewty box.

The FREE compact portable Canon Selphy CP 740 printer, and did i mention it's FREE!

The inner box.

The contents of the box.

The package includes:
  1. Traveling Charger
  2. Data USB cable
  3. Stylus
  4. LCD Cover Protective Film
  5. Ear Headset with 3.5mm earphone adapter and earphone.
  6. LGKU990 Viewty mobile phone..well duh?!
The included acessories.

Viewty itself.

LGKU990 Viewty in comparison with my great Nokia 6233 and my equally great PDA Palm Zire 72. First side by side, second on top of one another and upright.

Viewty back open and turned on.

The Canon Selphy CP 740 compact portable printer's package.

There you are folks, the unboxing for LGKU990 Viewty Malaysia Edition.

Full review coming soon.


Kim said…
lol. i'm using a 6233 too. ^^ looks like a damn lot of stuff. you didn't mention how much u spent though!!