This Was Yesterday's Plan

To be honest i am slowly being addicted into playing computer games. Right now i am willing to spend to upgrade my laptop, in terms of adding or even maxing out the system memory. i think i'll going to buy two 1gb of RAM and max out this laptop capacity, yup, just for the sake of gaming and getting better performance.

The fact that i am using Vista, i am also willing to shell out some hard earn money to buy the X Box 360 controller. If you guys didn't know about it, yes, the X Box 360 is compatible with Windows Vista loaded computers. Meaning you can use that console gaming controller with computers, sweet isn't it?

Games that i think suited by playing with game controllers are:

1. Fighting games such as Dead or Alive, Virtua Fighter and lots more.
2. Sports games such as my recent bought Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.
3. Racing Games such as Need For Speed.

Miri ICT Expo is where i'll be looking for it.