Review of LGKU990 Viewty and Canon Selphy CP740: Printing Side of It

This is an update, a simple one actually, as i'm only focusing on the print out come of Viewty and the Canon Selphy. To tell you guys the truth i am quite skeptical with the print quality that might come out of Viewty. i am still using a 2 megapixel Nokia 6233 cameraphone and of course the printout not up to the standard.

So here's the low down, settings that i'm using with Viewty:

Part 1: Taking Pictures.

Situation : Outdoors/Well lighted place
Flash : Always Off
Camera Mode : Auto
Contrast : Middle
Size: 5 megapixel
Image Quality : Super Fine, of course..

One thing that i do hope it'll be updated in the new software update is to turn off the shutter sound.

Part 2: Setting Up The Canon Selphy Printer.

i had some difficulties in installing the driver in my laptop's Windows Vista Basic. i did follow all the necessary steps like, inserting the DVD driver first, select printer type and installing the driver, the next step would be turning on the printer when the installer request for it but here lies my problem. The installer never seems to see my printer however Vista does, and when Vista wanted to search for the driver, it can't seems to locate it. So fucking frustrating!

So after 4/5 tries, i decided not to install the printer driver but only the Canon Utilities softwares instead. i may uninstall these software packages depends on how often i may use it. So how do i print you might ask? Easy, just use the memory card..duh?! This printer have memory card slot and a small display for viewing and i don't actually need to connect it to my laptop.

If i wanted to edit or retouch the photos, i can just do it in the laptop then transfer it to a memory card and then insert the memory card into the printer. Get this: NO CABLE HASSLE!

i have no idea whether its the compatibility problem with Vista or software conflict, as the printer is supposed to be compatible with Vista.

So here are the comparison of printing that i'm gonna make. Nokia 6233 vs LGKU990 Viewty, yeah i know it is not a good comparison as those cameras are not equally match in specs and capability but due to the fact that i have no other 5 megapixel cameraphone to compare them with, i have to make do with what i have.

Taken with Nokia 6233.
Taken with LG KU990 Viewty.

The verdict? After printing these pics onto the provided postcard size special printpaper, i concluded that, of course the picture taken with LG KU990 Viewty is better looking than the one taken with Nokia 6233. The picture is sharp and clear, and in my opinion it's almost comparable with the one taken with a digital camera.

Just too bad my scan of both printout sucks..