My Year In Review

It's been quite a year, lots and lots of frustration in the personal department but quite the opposite on the financial department where it has been really rewarding. For THOSE who like to read their horoscope in the beginning of the year to, you know, somehow get the head of things... well those HOROSCOPE ARE FUCKING FUCKING BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!

Reason to NOT TO read and "BELIEVE" any HORRORSCOPE:

1. At the beginning of 2007 that horoscope told me that my financial would be really really tight.. : haha! FUCKING BULLSHIT! This year i got two part arrears and two months of bonus just last week. If i were not to spend like crazy, i would have probably 7k of savings by the end of this year.

2. At the beginning of 2007 that horoscope told me that in my personal life, i would find my "love" and it'll be a great relationship.. : OH FUCKING BULLSHIT! This is the year that i finally brave enough to say how i felt to someone and i got rejected! Now she's dating someone else and their relatioship are looking very serious, oh how my heart crush and breaks.. and before that i had to swallow my feelings when i found out that the one that i got a crush on was not actually single. Just last month i found out that i was played, lied and betrayed. So my personal life has been really really frustrating this year, i felt hopeless, heartbroken and suicidal. That HORRORSCOPE CAN GO TO FUCKING HELL!

3. At the beginning of 2007 that HORRORSCOPE told me that in my work would be a better.. : Nah ah.. It felt like crap! Though this i had to swallow and live through it, as i couldn't and not yet found any job that can match this. That is, until i got really sick of it and decided to quit. Maybe some may say that i'm not grateful for what i've got but when one working under pressure and not a condusive enviroment, one will slowly but surely get fed up with it.

Things That i Should've Done This Year, But i Didn't:

1. Finish my poetry book : Journey Into Oblivion, actually i should've done it this year. The only thing that i needed to add are some artworks. i already have some idea in my mind but i just can't put it on to paper. So next year i have to work harder and get right to it. Perhaps by giving myself a dateline would do it.

2. Set up my own website :, i have bought my own domain name but can't seems to link it with my blogger account. So perhaps next year i'll be setting up the whole shenanigans.

3. Work on my making money online : Haha.. my experiment with this is not working as well as i expected, i was kind of hoping that this might be a second source of income. So next year i should blog more often and get my traffic up then maybe my income would increase too.