Lied, Played and Betrayed

This has got to be my year end BANG! i just never saw it coming. i really don't, i thought this stuff would not happen to me but it did. i got played, i was lied to and i felt betrayed. i have no idea what i did to deserve this but luckily it didn't turn out much worse than i expected.

So the story goes like this...

i got to know her a couple of months ago. i have to honestly say that she's one of those girl that you want to take home to meet your mom. She has that next door girl look, really really really cute and easy to get along. She seems sweet and innocent.

Since that she's really young, 18 years old, so initially i assumed that she might have a boyfriend but she said that she's single so i thought 'why not..' She started working early and didn't want to further her study, and i thought to myself, that not many young people wanted to work early as mostly would rather go to universities or colleges. It got me wondered why but i just ignored it.

So we got along well not really going into anything like a serious relationship. Unfortunately the way she responded or suitably call 'acted', got me thinking that she might be fond of me. Although i was not really hoping that this would go into anything serious, but she reaction got me fooled, i thought perhaps she might be interested to go further.

Thank the lucky stars i got the revelation early on before anything worse happens. Though the manner on how it happened really really shocked, frustrated and upset me. i misscalled her last Thursday night, i did just that nothing more. Moments later, i got a call from some guy and he was pissed off and asked what i wanted and doing calling her number.

At first i thought perhaps it was her brother or friends just playing tricks on me. i laughed and asked him who he was, and he got more angry, told me that he's her fiancee! and somehow through his tone and the way he said it, i know he's telling the truth and he's really pissed off!

WHAT THE FUCK!! i just realised that i got lied and played by that girl. GOD DAMN IT!

What the hell was she thinking when she lied to me about her status? It's not like i care anyway if she's engaged. i don't mind being just friends, but when i was lied to like that, my preception of her just changed.

Luckily nothing happen more than that, i thought perhaps that guy would probably brought some of his friends over and beat me up, hehe.. you know, like school kids.. everything can be settle with fists, fights and violence..

So here's to you dear girl, a handclap from me.. You Got Me.. Thanks A Lot..