Insignificant Flaw of LGKU990 Viewty.

Do not be ALARM though, this is only a personal preference. i am comparing it my other phone the Nokia 6233, and what your about to read is what i would hope that the LGKU990 Viewty engineers/designers/what-ever-you-want-to-call-their-job-description-is, would take note and at least think about it in their next software update, and i also hope there will be an update.

Text Messaging: the maximum amount of text messages the Viewty can is only 300.. WTF?! with the internal memory of 100mb surely Viewty can do more than that.. i am a text messaging type of person, i'm not really into calling unless necessary or emergency. As with my old Nokia 6233 i can store this amount of messages (See Pictures) and please note the the 6233 only have 6mb! of internal memory. For me this is quite dissappointing as i was thinking i might be able to store perhaps more than 5000 messages. This picture is real, no "photoshoping" as i don't know how to use that software anyway.

This is my currently the total amount of text messages i've saved.

This is the first message that i've saved, and i'll transfer it all using Nokia PC Suite on this coming 31st of December, marking one year it stayed in my inbox!

Contact List: Not as extensive as i want it to be, and one thing that i miss from my short own Sony Ericsson S500 is the birthday reminder. i like being reminded of my family or friends birthday.

Vista Incompatibility: Well duh?! i know, i know.. god, sometimes Vista disappointed me. When i put the Viewty in Mass Storage mode, Vista couldn't find it.. WTF?! nah, not really a Viewty flaw..

i think this is just for now, what bugs me the MOST is the total text messages that i can keep. Viewty should've done better with the huge amount of internal memory it have. Unlike the Nokia 6233 where after i clear most of its internal 6mb memory, i can keep more that 4000 of text messages (See Pictures).