Improvement i Want To See On LGKU990 Viewty

This is what i wanted for my LGKU990 Viewty to improve. Mostly are according to my personal preference. Yet i think if this were to be improve, it'll be the best all-rounded phone ever to be built.

1. Take the damn text messages limit cap the FUCK OFF! Being only able to store the maximum of 300 text messages is just frustrating, even my Nokia 6233 6mb of internal memory can store more than 4000 text messages (backdated to 31 December 2006).

2. Compatible with the latest Micro SD format, especially the SDHC format. i manage to encode a full movie of Lord of The Ring: Return of The King, but the limited space on a 2gb really made the phone short of a real multimedia power house.

3. Higher capacity battery than the current one. Tips: When you got your Viewty for the first time, remember to initial charge it for more than 10 hours, that'll give you a normal use of 4 days. Shorter amount than that, you'll only can use it max for 3 days. Perhaps more than 1200mAh, with that probably i can watch movies all day long (i wish..).

4. Virtual QWERTY keyboard can be use each time anything involve text that need to be input.

5. Increase contact list capacity, 500 seems too little for such a phone. Although i can't fill up 1000 contact list but currently i have 350 contacts on my phone so 1000 contacts does not seem to much right now.

6. Equalizer on the MP3 player, that would be nice.

7. Improve Divx compatibility. Perhaps i encoded some of my video wrongly but strangely though as i encode my short movies using the same software, Super, yet some movies works some don't..

This is what i can think of right now. If you're agree with me just say "YES" in the comment section. Haha..