Full Review of LGKU990 Viewty.. sort of..

i'm not actually quite good at giving reviews and what not, so i'm just gonna do a simple observation and comparisson with my currently mobile phone, the great 6233. So here goes..

Eye Candy.

First thing first, the quality build of the phone is, in my opinion, very good. It feels comfortable when i'm holding in my hand. At first glance it literally looked like a camera. Even feels like one when i'm using it. Please note that Viewty is a touchscreen phone. The screen itself is quite large and the phone incorporate Flash UI for use. The phone itself comes with a separate stylus as a dongle in which i find pointless. Although since i got the phone i didn't actually resort into using it anyway.

The screen displays well under sunlight thought it doesn't even comes close to beat my old and trusty 6233. With 6233 i can read SMS under the bright midday sun, the Viewty however just okay.

Day to Day Use.

What's the point of a mobilephone when you can't call right? Not Viewty though, it handle daily calls perfectly, like an excellent mobilephone should. So far i've not experience any drop call since using it, althought i'm not really a "call/conversation" type of person but the phone did just fine. My fav thing about this phone is the QWERTY keyboard when writing SMS much like iPhone. At first i was a bit skeptical about the practicality of a virtual QWERTY keyboard but then again i managed to get hang of it soon enough. Unfortunately the keyboard only present when you're in the message department. i do hope that in the future update of the OS, the QWERTY keyboard can be used where ever text input is needed.

Multimedia Power House.

Viewty packs quite a number of multimedia features, assortment of MP3 codecs, video codecs and of course the DivX video playback capability. There's an optional TV Out cable for viewing your captured video on TV. i didn't use the included software provided by the package, i'm using Super instead. i've converted insanely amount of short videos (100 or so) from YouTube and one movie (Lord of The Ring: The Return of The King, yup full movie baby!) in a separate card for my viewing pleasure. This all depends on the setting of your conversions, i kept my vid at 1008 bitrate kbps and 30 frames per second, and sound at 128kbps with 48000 sampling frequency with 2 channel. With the correct software, i'm telling you and this is for real, i felt like watching within a high quality theather when watching LOTR even if the screen is small. i'm using an in-ear earphone by the way.

The Camera Itself.

The camera is, how may i say this, well... it's EXCELLENT. i have no idea how to explain in details, so just in lament term okay.. Outdoors or in the present of adequate amount of light the picture proves to be really clear and fine. The colours are not too light nor too much, just right. i stick with the auto focus not using the manual focus too much as that works fine anyway. If you're feeling creative and wanted to explore, by all means use the manual focus, it works great.
Video capture is also equally great, and you're have the option of capturing 120fps suitable for sports or fast pace action capturing moments. So for now, i'll abandon my plan to get a separate camcorder for now as this works just fine.

Google Intergration? Are You Serious?

Yup, you heard me. There's Google package inside, namely YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail and Blogger, yay! i have yet to use the internet side of this phone however, maybe sometimes in the future i'll post an update.

Here are the sample photos taken by me of course. There you go folks my version of the review for LG KU990 Viewty camera phone, in which i fully satisfied with my purchased, just simply awesome phone. i'll update on the internet, google and using the FREE compact printer part in the future if i have the time, so just bear with me. That's all folks, thank you for reading.

LG KU990 Viewty is available in Miri at around RM2099 and it only comes with the free printer within the promotional peroid that ends 31 December 2007 (at TT Art Photo Sdn Bhd, Boulevard Hypermarket, not sure about other stores).