What's Up Since Last Post..1

Well a lot actually, i think i might miss a thing or two but i'll do my best to remember..

First thing first, on the weekends of 10-11/11 i went shopping, okay not really in terms of shopping like girls would do, but still in the same.. hmm.. what's the suitable word? anywho.. the things i bought/spend with my money although not a lot but still counts quite a sum.

1. i restrung/restring my tennis racket. i felt that the original tension of the string when i bought the racket was not strong enough so i decided to restring it with new strings.

2. i bought a new electric guitar, Samick, a humbucker guitar. i do have one already but that one was a cheap quality China built electric, really heavy, tuning would easily goes out of tune, high string action, and shitty sound from the humbucker. Thats the reason why i bought this new one, it's not that i'm great at playing guitar but with better equipment i might as well reach that level if i practice enough/more.

i also bought two sets of strings for my guitars, one set for the new electric, in which i have yet to use/change, and another for an acoustic guitar.

3. i bought a new wrist watch, not really fancy ones, although i did almost buy a Nike cost about RM450, but that's just too expensive. So i bought a BUM wrist watch only for RM80 at Tokyo Time Watchmart at Boulevard Hypermarket.

So the total sum that i spent on that weekend was:

1. RM45 - tennis racket restring.

2. RM750 - Samick electric guitar + D'Addario electric guitar strings + Ernie Ball acoustic guitar strings

3. RM80 - BUM wrist watch.

Total: RM875++

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