What's Up Since Last Post.. 2

Last Saturday i played in a bowling tournament. The condition for a team was one male player with two female players. We practiced a number of times before the tournament and hoping to at least get in the top five places.

My bowling team mates, Idah & Elvyna.

i, ruki kenishiro together with my two other team bowlers, Idah and Elvyna prepared early the morning by going to breakfast together and planning strategies for the coming games. Afterwards going up to StarBowl at 930am and readying ourselves. Unfortunately, Idah couldn't find the number 8 ball, which is a lightest of the house ball. Elvyna have her own bowling balls and shoes so she was doing fine.

Put on your shoes girls!

An open frame, dang!

We started i think around 1015am, i got an open frame in the first frame of the first game, which clearly shows that i suck at bowling. Only Elvyna got a strike.

As the game went on right until the end, i clearly was out of form. i couldn't even break a 100 pins. Dang! So my score on that day was: 99, 88 & 78... double dang!

"This is just stupid, another ball into the pit"

i can only took the picture of the trophies.. sigh..