This May Happen To Me Too..

Got this from my email. Somehow this guy/gal charged his/her mobilephone overnight and left it by the side of their pillow. Unfortunately the mobilephone decided that it wanted to explode and as the result of that..well you'll see for yourself.

The aftermath of the deadly explosion.

A closer look, partially burned the pillow and the bed.


Quite a nasty burn.. That's gonna hurt like hell..EEwww..

Well the thing is, i too have this habit having of leaving my mobilephone charging overnight and left it right there next to my pillow. Actually my situation is much much much worse then this one here, as i own two mobilephone and a Palm Zire 72 PDA. My mobilephone usually flat out almost at the same day and i charge my PDA everynight. This is just really a catastrophe to happen, just you guys make sure keep reading my blog probably, though hopefully not, this could happen to me too.