Oh yeah..and Oh man..

Oh yeah.. saw Kimberly of Burgers and Breakfast yesterday, at Boulevard Hypermarket with her boyfriend, probably window shopping. She looks cute as always.

Speaking of window shopping, i've got myself another pointless wishlist. So here goes:

1. LG's KU990 Viewty - A 5 megapixel cameraphone, what i like about it is that it has the capability to record video up to 120 fps! It's almost like a high-speed camera.. awesome! Just waiting for it to come to Miri. i think i heard it'll be coming around the mid/end of December.

2. Sony DSC-T2 - A digital camera with built in 4gb of memory, so you don't need to worry about not enough space to put all your photos. Also it meant that i can record almost 6 hours of video..cool! This one has already been on display at Boulevard Hypermarket at the camera and mobile phone shop (couldn't remember the shop name) ground floor next to the escalator, pricing at RM1399.

yup..another mobile phone on my wishlists, why? Because i gave my Sony Ericsson S500i to my sister. Though i'm not getting a new one any time sooner. i've been spending too much already.

Oh man, this was just totally my fault. Have you ever failed to do what you've promised? Well today, i did just that. i've made a promise to a friend and i couldn't deliver it. i felt bad, i apologized to her countless times as she was kind of hoping that i could help her out and... oh man, i'm just disappointed with myself.

Although she said that it's okay, i just felt i could've done better than that. Perhaps i shouldn't made any promise if i couldn't do it, but at that time i thought i could do it. Oh man... i just can't think of how disappointed she was with me. i'll apologized to her again tomorrow.


Kim said…
i got that camera! hahahahahaha. *braggart*
ruki kenishiro said…
muahahaha..i'm so f**king jealous of you..

i almost bought it last Friday but the thought of the month is still long cross my mind that i may need the money for something or emergency, so i had to restrain myself from spending my money..

aaargh so jealous!
Kim said…
yeah. but technically it's not mine. it's my moms. but my mom is asking me to give my bro my current camera when he goes to perth.. sooooo... i might end up being the one using her camera instead. lol.
ruki kenishiro said…
just use it la..muahahaha.. it's not like she'd use it like we do, eh?