New Proton Model

New sporty Waja GTi.
New Proton Wira make over.
New Satria Cabriolet Satria Cabriolet rear view.
Satria Cabriolet side and partially inside view.

Got this from my email, it seems that Proton have rev up their production line and gave up their old and tired model a new makeover and look. i particularly eager to see how the final and retail version of the Satria Cabriolet would feel. It's a new thing for Proton to venture into this type of design for a car.

A convertible aka cabriolet in terms of South East Asia weather, i doubt it's a great idea. As the weather here is either too sunny/hot or too rainy/wet. Still, it a nice idea to try and market it here. Well i think it's a ground breaking move for Proton, and from it's initial photos that i got, i myself probably want one.

i'm not anticipating the new Wira or the Waja 2.0 though. i don't know, that new look does not intrigued me. Although i have to say the Waja 2.0 does look hot and powerful, but with the oil price continue to rise, owning a car such as that would be just a waste. You would probably spend as much money to buy the car by spending it on gas, one would better off getting a less gas demanding car nowadays. The new Wira looked like a Gen 2 so there's not much i can say from just one picture.

Still, Myvi (Richard Hammond of Top Gear seems to like it) is the car i'm gonna get..soon..


Unknown said…
the proton waja GTi are design taken from Nissan Skyline...please do not say that is an original design without any inspire from other cars becoude it is realy obvious the design taken from Nissan Skyline R34...
ruki kenishiro said…
haha.. really?
i didn't know that..
Anonymous said…
dude...that new proton..