Interesting Blog: Kaki Cucuk Langit

i loved to read other people's blog, it seems to me that their life's a lot more interesting than mine. Mine's just boring, plain, routine and static. Oh well, that's most probably came from my own character.. *SIGH*

Anyway, upon reading one of my many favourite blog, one post with one image that i really like is coming from Nazrul of Kaki Cucuk Langit. Awesome image!

Flirtatious Angel and Lustful Demon..


laling said…
Ooop!! look like your interesting favor blog vanquish from internet..when this message appear "Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Did you expect to see your blog here?" bad day when read your post where i'm interested to know further..

ruki kenishiro said…
haha.. unfortunately he somehow lost his interest to blog anymore..
it's pity because he writes interesting stories..
Anonymous said…
Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know the truth behind Kaki Cucuk Langit's disappearance. He was caught plagiarizing another famous blogger and instead of formally apologizing, he shut down his blog, giving his famous excuse "I've lost my interest in blogging".

Kaki Cucuk Langit did not plagiarize one or two blog entries. He plagiarized EVERY SINGLE ENTRY ever published.

Therefore its safe to say everything you read and loved about Kaki Cucuk Langit was a lie. The real writers (SocialCafe) were not given due credit nor a proper apology for this.

Nazrul Kaki Cucuk Langit is well known for being a phony. Sorry you had to learn it this way.
ruki kenishiro said…
@ Social Cafe..
really? i didn't know about that at all.. are you serious?
although it's kind of strange to hear that he'd plagarized blog, personal blog?
it makes me wonder though why plagarized a personal blog..

anyway, sent me a link to your site, i like to read other interesting blog knowing that mine is not..