Finals Friday..part 1..

i had my first of two Open University final papers yesterday. Next Friday will be my second and last paper for this semester. So i didn't go to work as i've applied for annual leave. Actually that day i've got up early around 630am. My sister and brother was soundly asleep. Being gone to bed late that previous night, so i decided to go bak to sleep just for another hour.

Unfortunately that prove to be a bad idea as i woke up again at 10am! So i took my bath, did some chores and only after that i started to do my revisions. Yup, you guessed it, i already not in the mood of studying. Aaarrgghh!

i wanted to carry on studying yet i began to delay and watched videos on YouTube instead... My finals was schedule on 3pm, and i have yet to study seriously. Dang! Probably after putting my study on hold for 4 semesters, my laziness and complacency have become a major part of my bad habit..