Don't Give Up On Your Dream

i first read this in The Sunday Post today. It's on the page 15 under the column Perspective by Dunstan Chan. i thought it's an inspiring story, so i had to check it out. It was about a contestant by the name of Paul Potts from the Brittain's Got Talent show. The show was about the search for the next best amateur talent act, where the winner will perform in front of the Queen.

Paul Potts was a mobile phone salesman whose dream is to sing opera. This is a story of rags to riches, where the underlying theme/message is not to easily give up on your dream. Try hard enough and you may reach it.

This story had inspired me in some ways not to give up on my own dream, which is to become a sucessful writer. If he can do it although after a number of setbacks, why can't i. Thanks to Dunstan Chan for writing that piece.

More on Paul Potts here.