As Lil' Jon would say, YEEAAYYAA! Actually this post was suppossed to be put up last Sunday but since i was so preoccupied with something else so i had to postpone it until today..

Last Sunday our arrears finally credited into our accounts, and i woke up a bit late that day about 930am.. fired up the internet and log on into M2U and jumped hysterically, called bunch of my colleagues and yelled hysterically as well as i never had such amount of money before.. all those whom i called understood quite well what i was trying to say even though i was just shrieking like a school girl..every one was waiting and hoping for it and they got what i meant to say..


To recap what i spend with my part of the arrears:

1. First and most crucial part, Savings: rm800
2. Savings for my parents: rm300
3. Pocket money for my brother and sister: rm400
4. Gave my grandmother: rm100
5. Spend on 2 sets Baju Melayu for Hari Raya: rm140
6. Spend on 2 sets of working attires: rm90
7. Stuffs for Hari Raya: rm150
8. Cakes for Hari Raya: rm100
9. Finally my fav, a second handphone, Sony Ericsson S500i, rm965 plus M2 memory rm95 to a total of: rm1060

Grand spending total: rm3140

i still need to get a new pair of shoes though as the one i'm wearing right now is pretty beat up..
oh man, when will we're ever gonna have this much money again..well.. next three years, haha.. if i were still working there..


Kim said…
wish i could spend that much money and still remain guilt free. :P
ruki kenishiro said…
Muahaha..there's no such things as guilt free in spending your money.. but, this is my advice to you, when ur dive into the working world, please please please make sure that ur make a partial of ur salary into savings first and foremost. then you can do anything that you like with the balance of it..i myself should've listen to my mom when she said that to me since i started working six years ago.. it is only now that i began to save, the fact that now i'm paid slightly better..