Tired Day..

Today it has been a tiring day, hordes of customer seems to come out of nowhere and crowded the space.. i think today i worked like some fast forward cartoons. Luckly no bad incident happens, and the day went out well but exhausting.

Got home from work, just in time to break my fast for the day. Rested on the couch and my short nap turned out to be a sleep, luckly i didn't sleep through out the night as i didn't yet showered.

Woke up around 9pm. Took my shower and fired up the laptop and waited for the inspiration to update my blog but to no avail. Wasted my time looking through my outdated Facebook, Friendster, Myspace, YouTube account. i should've done at least something on my OUM assignment. Shoot! i haven't even start anything yet.


i am now staying up late for nothing, Damn!

Tomorrow i'll be sleepy at work, and it's all me to blame..