Staying Up Late For Nothing..

The only time i can truly find my peace is when everyone else is already alseep and i'm all alone in the living room with all the lights and distractions are off. This is the time that i can almost hear my own thoughts out loud..

Then again that is also the time that it's already late at night and most of the time on weekdays where i am supposed to be sleeping in order to get enough rest and not feel sleepy at work the next day.

Wow..that second paragraph was written in one sinlge sentence! That also meant i can write much better/worse than the usual.

Right now i am staying up late AGAIN..for nothing..

Thinking of what to buy when my arrears comes out.
Thinking of what amount to save from my arrears.
Thinking of why i can't have her.
Thinking of how to be rich and do it the easy way.
Thinking of why she chosed him.
Thinking of why am i delaying my assignments.
Thinking of why can't i just kill myself.
Thinking of will i find another that is as good as/better than her.
Thinking of finding the motivation to finish my poetry book.
Thinking of doing artworks for my poetry book.
Thinking of why i still think of her.
Thinking of when will i continue with my novel which is on hiatus.
Thinking of why am i still up so late..

Thinking of you..
Thinking of you..
hinking of you..
inking of you..
nking of you..
king of you..
ing of you..
ng of you..
g of you..
of you..
f you..