Sleep & That Cute Breakfast Girl...

i've not been sleeping well/soundly these past couple of months. Whenever i wanted to sleep any earlier than 11pm, i'm bound to wake up in the middle of the night. So for now, my bedtime is midnight. Though that is not a perfect solution either, i would still be suddenly awake in the middle of the night and have the trouble of getting back to sleep.

i envy her..she look soo beautiful and peaceful in her sleep..


This morning i changed my breakfast spot, and that decision paid off perfectly. i was sitting at the corridor table and at the opposite cafe a cute chinese girl sat there facing me. i was initially not realized she was eating there, i was just looking straight ahead when i realized that she was pretty cute.

She was eating with her mom, i guess. As i was watching her for time to time, somehow she realized that i was checking her out. It was quite funny that when she realized that i was looking at her, her way of eating suddenly changed.

It kind of hard to describe in words, but by looking the way she was eating, i know that she felt awkward for being watched. Sometimes she would looked at me, smiled and paused before she ate. As seems she wanted to make sure there's food in her chopsticks or she wanted to looked beautiful while eating..i don't know, but it was obviously awkward for her.

I thought she might have told her mom, who was sitting and eating besides her, because her mom looked at me at one time. So i pretended to look at my handphone.. When my roti kosong and nescafe tarik finally arrived, i felt that she was looking back at me too while i was eating. i think she wanted me to get the taste of my own medicine. Fair enough, she did, but the way she masked it was simply excellent. She was pretending to talk with her mom, i think so, and looked at me with this really cute yet piercing stare/flirt. i found myself really hard to concerntrate on eating. Take that! Hahaha...

i wonder whether i was being rude to her by staring at her like that, and making her feeling awkward while eating. No matter, that morning was the hightlight of my day, as the rest of the day was boring as hell.

So here hence forth, i would call/nickname/codename that really cute girl "Cute Breakfast Girl". That is until i know her name.

Almost finish off my nescafe tarik.
Draft for blog.