The recent Ramadhan and Eid have taught me a lot, taught me about moderation, patience and reflection. i have been, these past two years, too comfortable, too dependable on others, sometimes too hopeful and worst of all never have the slightest courage/intention to improve/better myself.

i should have realised it by now that i am growing older, i should have been wiser than before, or at least should acted my age. Haha..actually how does one acts one age? i have not the slightest clue..well through my observations, most of my friends my age are slowly but surely began to settledown. Me in the other hand, have yet to prepare myself for such move. Let alone having a girlfriend. Yupp..i'm still single..

After a month of fasting and reflection on myself, i have came up with a few resolutions for me to tackle and resolved.

1. i should be bolder in my decisions making.
2. i should have more confidence in myself.
3. i must stop being too dependable on others.
4. i should be more responsible.
5. i should set a good example for my younger siblings.