Mellow Out Monday..

This monday was a bit mellow, not that much customer..usually there would be crowd of people.. usually it's the mondays and fridays, are the days that people would use to do their business, so today was like..strange..

My terminal computer and my colleague was offline right about an hour and half before closing, so both of us had to use the spare computer at the backroom to finish our job. It was days like this that i prefer, not too busy, so that i can finish my backlog filing.. damn.. why can this work ever end? haha.. such a stupid question..

My tasks after work today was supposed to be:
1. Finish my two OUM assignment. Which are Information Sharing and Relation Database.
2. Study for my mid term exam this coming sunday.

And yet i didn't do any of that..i was preoccupied watching YouTube.. particularly this video..

The Hungarian Suicide Song.. research on it here. and here.
Somehow this version was not as dark as the original, i kind of like it, and can't seems to stop listening to it..this song makes me wanna do stuff..such things like:

1. jump off a tall building
2. slit my wrist
3. hang myself
4. drink poison
5. throw myself in front of a speeding car

juz kidding..